From January of 2010, the School of Survival began transmitting their tips for the inevitable Zombie Apocalypse via the art of podcastation.

Charting in the top ten of the iTunes Comedy Podcats chart they entertained and enlightened in equal measure.

Sadly, in 2012, David Ash, the actor behind Survival Expert Donald Straite passed away and since that time no more podcasts have been recorded.

However! Coming soon - The School of Survival will return!
In the meantime enjoy clips from three fun filled seasons below and STAY SAFE!



SFX Magazine - May 2010

Each episode included various segments to help you survive. Interviews with zombie experts, survival simulations, trips around the world, the latest zombie news, one word answer questions and the all important discussion where the team would answer burning questions sent in by the listeners. Below are some clips from the 48 episodes that were recorded.



From episode 27 the team began running survival simulations every week. Scroll down the jukebox to experience all 11 + a special Xmas message

Season 3 saw the team head off around the world to discover how to survive in different countries and situations. includes a clip from Donald's last podcast.

Ed Thurlow from The Zombie Times & terror4fun.com

Carl Whitely - Organiser of Zombie-Aid

Richard Edwards - News Editor of SFX

Soraya Kara - Political party member of CURE

01 Zombies on a Plane

Craig & Jay from - You've Got Dead On You

13 Surviving France

Off to France the team go to discover what treasures this country holds that could help you ultimately survive.

Judy's simulation chamber is up and running in the lab and the team test it's capabilities by attempting to survive an outbreak on a plane.

02 Trapped

14 Surviving the Antarctic

After the problems with the first attempt at using the simulation chamber, Judy makes some adjustments and tests it again by trapping the team in a single room with zombies outside.

It's cold and it's desolate but there is the potential for zombies to freeze. Just what benefits does moving to the Antarctic hold during the apocalypse?

03 The Speed Test

15 Surviving Mexico

Leaving the simulation chamber, the team head out on the road to discover the best vehicle to run over a zombie with.

Pinatas, drugs and a mariachi band all play their part in discovering just why Mexico could be the perfect holiday destination for you when the zombies rise.

04 Response Training

16 Surviving Belgium

What is the best way to increase your response time to deal with any surprises that occur in the apocalypse. The team head to the Shooting Range to find out.

It's time for Belgium to be put to the test to see if it will ultimately be chosen as the best location to head when the dead begin to rise from their graves.

05 Climate Simulator

17 Surviving the Moon

When all hell breaks loose on earth what better place to head than off the planet? Is the moon's environment too harsh for survival, though?

Back in the simulation chamber the team decide to discover the best way to survive in the different climates all over the world.

06 The Wedding

18 Surviving a Caravan

What would happen if a bride turned into a zombie on her wedding day? The team try to find out but realise they don't quite have enough actors.

It's not just the location that's important to survival, but also the structure you are hiding in. Would a caravan withstand the potential onslaught of a zombie apocalypse?

07 The Motorcycle Stunt

19 Surviving an Island

How would you kill a zombie if it was wearing a motorcycle helmet? That's just the kind of question the team love to put to the test.

It's an island, surrounded by water. One would imagine that it would be the perfect place to hole up when the inevitable happens. You just need to be careful to chose the right island.

08 The Cloning Device Part 1

Judy has been building a cloning device, but when Tristen sneezes in the lab, something comes out of the device that nobody expected and the team are trapped in a cage to await their fate.

20 Surviving a Graveyard

Often thought of as a really stupid place to hang out when the dead start to rise. The Graveyard may just be the perfect hideout for surving. Let's find out!

09 The Cloning Device Part 2

How will the team escape their predicament and destroy their nemesis? Find out in part two of 'The Cloning Device'


10 Weapons Special

The team head out and about to discover which household items will make the best weapons in a zombie apocalypse.

11 Loch Ness

It is often said that a boat is the perfect place to hide out in a zombie apocalypse. The team take to the waves to discover if this happens to be true.

12 Christmas Song

As a thankyou to all the listeners, the team perform a song from their upcoming Christmas album.

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